Who Qualifies?

Eligibility Guidelines

Families must meet the following criteria to shop at Clothes To Kids:

  1. The family must live in Haywood County.
  2. The children and youth must be school-age (Pre-Kindergarten – 12th grade)
  3. The family must be considered in need of assistance:
    • by receiving free or reduced lunch in Haywood County Public Schools.
    • or in crisis due to natural disaster, poverty, homelessness or displacement.

CTK (Clothes to Kids) works closely with the Social Workers in the Haywood County Public Schools to determine which families may contact us for clothes. If a family is eligible, a family member calls the shop and leaves a message. A staff member from Clothes to Kids then contacts the family to set up a one hour appointment.

One family, at a time, comes during their appointed hour with their school-age children and youth to choose their wardrobe of clothes.